First-Time Visitors

What to Expect

Those who are new to the church will appreciate the open and inviting atmosphere. All people are welcome at the church. Affirming the church’s spirit and the hospitality as lived by Christ, First Christian Church observes communion every Sunday which is open to any who would want to receive the sacrament.

Due to the Corona Virus Worship is livestreamed at 10:45am each Sunday morning and can be accessed from computer, tablet or smartphone. To watch, simply search Facebook for "First Christian Church of Norman" or if you aren't on Facebook, point your browser to for links to stream on YouTube and other social media platforms.

What to Wear

Dress for worship is a matter of personal taste. Some choose to wear a dress or skirt, a suit, or a coat and tie, while others are comfortable wearing slacks or jeans and a polo-style shirt. The Chancel Choir and the ministers wear robes for worship.