Find Out More About Logos

What does the word LOGOS mean? If it sounds like Greek to you, it’s for a good reason; it IS Greek and it means: “The Word”. Not the spoken word, but the word as stated in John 1: 1-18: “In the beginning was the Word…and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us…” Logos is a system of ministry that is designed to nurture all those involved in it as they mirror the example of Christ. The Logos Ministry is the practice of Christian relationships in a disciplined (midweek) context.

The Logos Children’s Ministry expresses the conviction that Christian relationships are best learned when consistently experienced in communities, specifically in Christian communities where the selfless kind of caring for others found uniquely in Christ is intentionally taught and practiced.

There is only one rule in Logos:
EVERYONE IS A CHILD OF GOD AND WE ARE TO TREAT EACH OTHER AS A CHILD OF GOD! No one has the right to treat anyone else as if they do not matter!

First Christian Church is a place where the church’s nurturing of children into mature discipleship is a high priority. Our congregation has committed itself to a quality mid-week Children’s Ministry program. We have invested effort, time, and congregational resources to carry forward this important effort to give each of our children the finest quality opportunity for Christian training and growth.

Logos program is intended to run parallel to the school year, with weekly meetings beginning in early September and ending the last Wednesday in April. Breaks are taken when school is not in session, Holidays, and the month of December and May.

The program is not a substitute for, or replacement of, the Sunday Church School, Voyage into DiscipleSHIP, Children Worship & Wonder Service, Following Jesus Service and other Christian programs of the church. These programs work together and reinforce each other and the overall Christian educational experience offered at First Christian