Find Out More About MDO

Contact Information:

Director, Debra Peltier
220 S. Webster
Norman, OK 73069

For more information on our program, enrollment information, or to report an absence please send an email to This is the fastest and most effective way of getting in touch with MDO.

Registration Info & Costs:

MDO normally does a mini-session in the month of July on Mondays and Tuesdays. Registration for this session begins in late March for current users and early April for new students. Please send an email to for more enrollment information.

Fall enrollment for the school year begins in late April for current users and early May for new students. There is an annual registration fee of $35. Tuition is currently $20 a day. Tuition is paid regardless of attendance. Tuition is not charged on days that MDO is closed. Upon enrollment, the $35 registration fee and 2 days tuition ($40) will be due. Please send an email to for more enrollment information.

Before a child can come for the first time, a current copy of immunizations must be presented. There is also a child information sheet that needs to be completed.

Classes/general info:

In each of our classes, the child will need to bring his/her lunch. Please also send a change of clothes in your child’s bag as well. The younger classes will need a blanket for nap time. Please also send any security items that your child likes, such as a pacifier, special stuffed animal, or lovey.

It is extremely helpful if you label all of your child’s belongings. Please label coats, sweaters, blankets, lunches, cups, bottles, food containers, bags, and security items. This is such a huge help for teachers who are often trying to keep up with the belongings of 16 children.

Below, please find the teacher/child ratios for each class:
Crib: 2 teachers/8 children
Toddler: 1 teacher/6 children
Two’s: 2 teachers/16 children
Three’s: 2 teachers/18 children
Four’s: 1 teacher/12 children
Five’s: 1 teacher/12 children