Welcome to First Christian Church, a community of disciples joined together in a reverent, thoughtful, loving quest for faith.


We'd like to introduce you to the community life of our nearly 900 active members.   The wide variety of worship, study, fellowship, and service activities is evidence of the desire to be a vital place of ministry to people in our community and throughout the world. 


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a denomination founded in the United States nearly two hundred years ago with a passion for Christian unity.   Now numbering nearly one million members in almost 3,800 congregations in the United States, the denomination has extensive mission involvement throughout the world.


Freedom and diversity are key words among Disciples of Christ.   There are no required creeds, doctrines, or ethical positions, but rather an emphasis on personal responsibility in developing one’s beliefs and values growing from our common foundation of faith in God’s revelation through Jesus Christ.


Persons may unite with the congregation by transferring their membership from any other church, in which case rebaptism is not required.   Those who have never united with another church or been baptized are received by confession of faith in Jesus as Christ and baptism by immersion.   For those students or others who will be in Norman a limited time, Associate Membership, which does not affect the membership in a “home church,” is also an option.


It is our hope that you will experience God’s love as you share in the worship, congregational life, and common ministry of First Christian Church of Norman.  Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions, or if we can be supportive in your personal quest for faith.


David Spain                                 Shannon Cook                                        Tom Lyda

Senior Minister                     Minister of Faith Development             Minister of Discipleship